The Screaming Tea Party. What can I say? Complex in their simplicity and a nexus of electricity reminiscent of Sonic Youth having sex with a bulldozer. Their soundscape ranged from tight melodies and lo-fi whinings to punk-o-riffic noise-o-rama. The vocals...
Drowned In Sound
Screaming Tea Party are a band you're gonna think you discovered when you were 13. They pack in snippets of every record you've ever owned, and sound like a sloppy first kiss that precedes a punch in the teeth, without sounding dated or cliched
Dazed And Confused
HOLY DISASTER 'Sounds like 'I found a reason' by the Velvets, yet - and get this- even cooler. Didn't think that was possible, did you?
They switch continually between scribbling punkabilly and utterly stripped- down lo-fi, with magical results.
Rough Trade