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Fight Less, Win More

My Sad Captains

There are very few albums that manage to match the dynamic range of this one without having to rely on over-the-top instrumentation and expansive production, but My Sad Captains have seemingly pulled it off with ease. Fight Less, Win More might not be...
The Line Of Best Fit
Don’t fight with this album to try and find the hidden meanings or weak spots. My Sad Captains may sound more like happy landlubbers with an ear for crafting tunes, but if you just sit back and enjoy you will, as the title states, ultimately be the...
This Is Fake DIY 8/10
Steeped in heartfelt, semi-twee pop that is strikingly well produced...‘Fight Less, Win More’ is a joyous ride through the blessed strain of indie ploughed by US contemporaries like Grandaddy and Atlas Sound...Cherish this one
Loud And Quiet
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