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Henkan/ Jinsei Ichido Kiri

Bo Ningen

The latest piece of music from everyone’s favourite hirsute psych-rock Japanese émigrés to London is, to be honest, unsurprising. While that statement appears dismissive, it is in fact a rare celebration of those occasions where consistency is a virtue....
One good way to make sure your man isn’t cheating, of course, is to ‘lose’ his iPod, ‘crash’ his laptop and glue a Bo Ningen CD into his stereo. Because you’d have to be a CGI star of Troll Hunter to survive, let alone enjoy, shagging to the...
Devastating noise-rock destruction...You can hear the past in Bo Ningen's wall of sound and massive melodies, but the past re-imagined - from Butoh to Black Sabbath. If Black Sabbath was in Blade Runner.
Rough Trade