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Let's Wrestle

The debut Stolen Recordings release from Let's Wrestle is a 6 track mini cd. Let's Wrestle are the most miserable and hateful band in North London. Their songs are written at the back of WPG's garden in his wooden pub. "No matter how many records I buy,...
Rough Trade
'Discussion among TO's music team has taken an angry turn of late as we pitch those bands we think should be huge against those who are. For a start, Let's Wrestle do a proverbial do-do on The Wombats' heads but will never shift the same units with their...
Time Out the centre of this band beats a heart of pure unadulterated scuzzy art-pop genius kept ticking along by an idealistic,'fuck everything' atttitude to pretty much everything a successful band should be.
NME 8/10