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In The Court Of The Wrestling Lets

Let's Wrestle

Let's Wrestle have been slouching around north London venues for a while now, Findus crispy-crumbs in their hair and surrealist bile in their bellies. Their debut buzzes withal the frisson of perspiring pre-teens getting their pseudo-sexual jollies playing...
8/10 Alex Denney NME
Behind a superficially shambolic sound and a stuck-on sneer, the London band Let’s Wrestle hide a focused pop-punk sensibility and the delightful deadpan cynicism of frustrated romantics. Their front man, Wesley Patrick Gonzalez, thrashes twitchy riffs,...
Stewart Lee, The Times On Sunday ★★★★
Conflagrating girlfriends, odes to Amy Winehouse and ruminations on the late Princess Diana's hair: all in a day's work for blackly comic London trio Let's Wrestle, who recorded their debut under a ukulele shop in east London. They do a nice line in larksome...
The Stool Pigeon ★★★★
When Let's Wrestle play live, bassist Mike Lightning hides behind a fringe so expansive you could pull it over you like a nice quilt on a cold night. That's odd, because on the strength of their charmingly feckless debut album - too blokey to be twee...
Dazed & Confused
Savant genius from reckless London-based trio...In the Court Of... sounds both warmly familiar yet dazzlingly fresh...Some might find their ramshackle rhythms as insubstantial as a dream, others will be too swaddled in bliss to care.
4 stars, MOJO