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Panda Eyes

Hot Silk Pockets

The first release from Hot Silk Pockets comes in the form of this 500 handstamped 7's on Stolen Recordings. 'Panda Eyes' is a ramshackle but utterly addictive pop song, with the perfectly titled 'Ooh, Ooh' as the Bside. 'Ooh Ooh' is straight from the...
Rough Trade
You might recognise this from the super ace Stolen comp from a few months back, and this sounds even better now - a scorching mix of lo-fi screeching guitars, big reverb sounding production and super slick pop melodies. A total winner that All fans of...
Pure Groove
How is it possible to be giddily miserable? Drenched in echoes of the past, this bounds about like a disco for cynics. Astonishing.
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